for a hilarious

Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Production!

Performances will begin again in June, 2022


Set in the 1940’s, audience members find out that they are actually  budding authors who are attending the monthly meeting of the Mysterians Writer’s Group.  This group was started by several

elite authors.  The only problem is that a few of the core

members have died recently of supposed "natural" causes.

Now, everyone is nervous and suspicion is growing.

Interogate the suspects, if you like, and help us

find the culprit before anyone else goes missing!

(PG-13 - suitable for audiences 13 and older)



Our newest show is sure to entertain! Help us solve our small-town mystery, involving the seemingly sweet Dairy Princess and a few other questionable characters.  Want to get involved? Look for the hidden clues, take an audience participation script, or ask the suspects any questions you like.  Prefer to quietly enjoy the show?  No problem! 

Sit back and relax and watch the fun unfold.  Famous actors and local yokels will stop by to help you figure out whodunnit.  Maybe you’ll figure it out too? Wear your best Roaring 20’s outfit if you like,

or come as you are – either way, join the fun!

(PG - suitable for audiences 8 and up)

One of The Revere Tavern's 7 beautiful fireplaces will be roaring in the banquet hall where you will help us solve the crime. Order a drink from the banquet-hall bar, enjoy dinner and a show, and then top of the evening at the cozy tavern bar with a nightcap!  Everyone knows that THE REVERE TAVERN'S food never disappoints! 

Order of Events:

Evening shows start at 6:30 PM

Matinee shows start at 12:00 PM unless otherwise noted.

1.  Come in the main entrance and look for our hostess

and the Third Space Theatre sign.

2.  Please give the hostess your name 25 minutes before the show.

3.  Feel free to relax in the lobby until we take you

back to the banquet room.

4. We take you all back to the banquet room 20 minutes before your show

so you can: 

*find your seats,

*hear our short introduction

*enjoy your appetizers

*Each act runs about 20 minutes long. 

We dismiss you 3 more times during the show,

in between acts,  to visit the buffet .

*NOTE: (At Revere Tavern, the salad and

dessert courses are sometimes plated).

You dine while the actors perform around you!

We open our seating 20 minutes before the show.


The Revere Tavern offers lodging at their adjacent hotel.  Check out their  website for accommodations and more info.

3063 Lincoln Highway (U.S. Route 30) Paradise, Pennsylvania 17562-0336