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Join us Saturday, March 4th 2023 at
Yoder's restaurant and buffet 
for Our comedy mystery dinner theatre!

Yoder's Buffet Address:
14 South Tower Road, New Holland PA



Help us solve our small-town mystery, involving the seemingly sweet Dairy princess and a few other questionable characters. Famous actors and local yokels will stop by to help you figure out whodunnit. Wear your best Roaring 20's outfit if you like or simply come as you are - either way, join the fun! (PG - Suitable for audiences 8 and up)

Yoder's Buffet 2021-12-14.jpg

Want to get involved?
Look for the hidden clues, take an audience participation script, or ask the suspects anything you like!

Prefer to quietly enjoy the show? 
No problem! Sit back, relax, and watch the fun unfold.


$60.00 for Children (age 10 and under)

$65 for Seniors

$67.00 for Adults (age 11 and up)

Price includes:
show, buffet dinner, taxes, & gratuity.

An Eventbrite service fee
will be added upon checkout.


Please email us
for group reservations

*We sell our tickets on Eventbrite.  If you experience any problems while trying to purchase tickets, please email

Saturday, March 4th 2023 
Doors open at 5:30PM

Order of events for Dinner Theatre

5:29 pm

  • Come in the "Banquet" Entrance (to the right of the "Restaurant" Entrance) and look for our Third Space Theatre sign.

  • Please give our hostess your name by 5:29 pm

5:30 pm

  • We will take you back to the banquet room so you can:

  • Find your seats 

  • Fill a plate with appetizers

  • Hear our short introduction​ and choose a role (if you like)


You dine while the actors perform around you! In between acts, you visit the buffet. We dismiss you 2 more times during the show. 


Each of the 3 acts will run approximately  

10 - 25 minutes long. ​

**If you arrive later than 5:30,

we will have already taken the guests back. Please inquire at the customer service desk about which banquet room Third Space Theatre is in and come join us!**

Stage Manager– Dawson Dopp

Stage Manager– Dawson Dopp
** Show Cancellation: Very Rarely, if we do not have enough guests, we will have to cancel a show. If we cancel, you will be notified and refunded the entire amount, or we are happy to move your reservation to another date. **

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